11 Reasons Not To Buy iPhone 3G

The new iPhone 3G was officially put in sale on July 11th after a broad advertising campaign world wide.

But we think you should think twice before purchasing it because:

Applications cannot work in background mode. Only one application can be runned and executed.
Screen resolution is only 480×320 which is a lot less than VGA (640×480) and W-VGA (800×480) used in some devices with Windows.
The camera is only 2 megapixels while there are many devices with 3 to 5 megapixel cameras out there.
No video recording.
No reserve battery.
No office documents editing, viewing only.
Applications are about 500 while applications for Windows Mobile are more than 20,000.
Applications can be used only on Mac.
Works only with the operator which it was bought from and there is a contract attached.
Display can be touch only with fingers and no nails which would be suitable for women.
No phisical keyboard


  1. 1. Who needs 20,000 applications? And what phone will hold all 20,000?

    2. I doubt I need a phone with a screen resolution that can rival my MacBook’s screen. Besides, those phones are considerably more expensive (at least the ones I’ve seen) than the iPhone, regardless of contract.

    Is the iPhone perfect? No. But no phone is. And for me, after trying other smart phones, and wannabes (can we say Motorola, since they try to pack features into their regular cells that really are only usable on a smart phone), iPhone works best.

    If you are going to bash the iPhone, know that there is only one “i” in physical.

  2. I think Jonathan is absolutly right and now there are way more apps then firts in the app store I have an iphone and I think it’s great

  3. don’t forget the fact that android is much better – AND cheaper.

    plus if you get an iphone, the amount of storage space you have is the most you can get in there, with android, it’s limited only by the size of your microSD

    besides, android is beating iphone now according to NPD data

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