11 reasons why Android is better than iPhone

Here are 11 reasons why Google’s open-source operating system will beat iPhone

1. Android is more open-source

2. Android integrates with online applications

3. Android is much faster

4. Android and G1 have better hardware

5. Android will be in many version – in cheap and in expensive phones

6. Android has flash

7. Android is open to any mobile operator

8. Android has a real keyboard

9. Android supports more formats

10. Android does not need hacking

11. Android has no applications limit


  1. When you say Android, do you mean G1? Point 8 says that “Android” has a real keyboard, but that’s not the Android OS, that’s the G1 hardware.

    And Flash? Isn’t Flash proprietary (something you don’t like, judging from Point 1)?

    iPhone has a better experience from what I’ve heard and seen, not from hands-on experience (no G1 in Australia yet).

  2. I wouldn’t trade my Droid, but looking back at this older post, most of it turns out to be BS.

    Android doesn’t have flash

    Android does need hacking

    Android does have a rather small limit to the apps you can put on it, the memory internal to the phone, unless you hack it so you can install to the SD card. My 32G iPod can install 32G of apps.

  3. Umm…Jason: Guess what….yes it does have flash, no hacking required, and I have yet to run out of room for the RIDICULOUS amount of apps i have.
    Your 32G ipod has 32G of memory? Holy crap, you dont say!!

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