3 Reasons To Buy Apple Watch 4 And 3 Reasons You Should Not

Apple Watch is now going on sale all around the world alongside the new iPhone XS and XS Max. It’s quite hard to find it in stock many retailers from Apple directly to other retailers like Best Buy or carriers since it is quite popular.

The Apple Watch 4 offers a 40mm and 44mm variant in size with a bigger screen over its predecessor, new heart features, longer battery life, GPS tracking and other important upgrades that you cannot find on Apple Watch 3 and older models.

However, spending hundreds of bucks on the new Apple Watch 4 isn’t a small investment, especially you need a monthly charge to keep your Apple Watch 4 LTE connected. The Apple Watch 4 now goes on sale at $399 for Wi-Fi only variant and up to $499 for LTE model.

While there are deals for Apple Watch 4, you need to wait for a while to see better deals.

So, in this post today we’d like to help you decide if you should buy the new Apple Watch 4, or if it’s a good idea to see how this first major change to the Apple Watch design.

3 Reasons To Buy A New Apple Watch 4

Buy It If You Don’t Want To Wait For

If you missed the Apple Watch 4 pre-order, but you still want one, then grab it yourself if you find it in stock.

As we said, it is not easy to find an Apple Watch 4 in stock, especially the 44mm variant in Space Gray or Silver colors. If you find it in stock, you should immediately snag it before it’s sold out. If you don’t it in stock, then you can make an order and wait for it to arrive.

Purchase It If You Want A Bigger Screen


Compared to Apple Watch 3, the new Watch 4 features a bigger screen that can display more information at a glance. It can be seen as the biggest reason to upgrade to the new Apple Watch 4 from an older model.

With a bigger screen, the new watch faces will also show up more complications on the Infograph watch faces, which means you will also get more useful information at once.

There is the only catch on the new Watch that not all complications work on these new screens and users have not yet to get a full control over watch faces.

But, if you are still excited about a bigger screen every time you need to know something, or when you are working out, it’s absolutely a solid upgrade.

Buy It To Use New Health Features


The Apple Watch 4 comes with a number of cool new health features, which is also a great reason you should consider to buy the Apple Watch 4 for yourself.

You will get better readings with the new heart sensor and you will also receive alerts about heart health problems like afib, thanks to WatchOS 5 version.

Apart from that, you will be able to use your Apple Watch 4 as a portable ECG with you every time. It will help you check your heart out and you can then use the data to share it with a doctor.

Another worthy feature on the new Watch 4 is Fall Detection, which will automatically call your emergency contacts or 911 when you fall in more than two minutes without any movements. This might be an extremely wonderful gift for yourself or your relative, but you should note that you need an iPhone to use it.

3 Reasons You Should Buy A New Apple Watch 4

Wait to Try the Apple Watch 4 On

The Apple Watch 4 includes 40mm and 44mm sizes. Although there is not much change in size, the best one that is suitable for your wrist might have changed. The overall size is also an import factor for buying watches, especially for the most expensive smartwatches currently on the market.

If you are thinking of a 42mm Apple Watch to only get a bigger screen, you should try the 40mm Apple Watch 4 and check if the new screen sizes let you switch to a different model.

So, before making an online purchase for a new Apple Watch 4, you should visit a local store or carrier and try on the Apple Watch 4 to get the most suitable size for you.

 Wait For Better Discounts


In fact, the new Watch Series 4 is not cheap, and currently, there are not any major deals unless you also purchase a new iPhone. While you will not have to pay sales tax upfront with the help of some Apple Watch 4 deals, you should wait for later this month to see more deals

If you can wait until November, you can buy a new Apple Watch Series 4 during Black Friday, where you can expect to get a discount from $25 to $100 of the LTE Apple Watch 4 model.

Wait For Feedback To Avoid Problems

Every time Apple releases their new devices, we will quickly see a collection of issues that are reported from users. There were already several problems happening with Apple Watch 4 problems from early adopters.  Last year, the Apple Watch 3 LTE variant came with a load of problems and although Apple fixed this with a quick software update, it was not something that Apple Watch 3 users expected from Apple.

Things were the same even with the new Apple Watch Series 4 as issues popped up with the new smartwatch during the first few weeks, which annoy users very much. However, you can only wait for an update from Apple to fix bugs. Fortunately, Apple is working on watchOS 5.0.1 version, and there is a high chance that the watchOS 5.0.1 update  will be released soon to the public soon.

If you don’t want how to fix any problems or errors, you should wait until later this year to buy the Apple Watch 4 that is pre-installed with a newer WatchOS version.

Above are three reasons to buy the new Apple Watch Series 4 and 3 reasons you should now. How about you? Will you grab this new smartwatch? Let’s know in the comment below.

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