3 ways by which iPad will change industries

Almost 10-inch screen will open doors to diverse and unprecedented applications, developers say iPad. Although most applications are aimed at the general public from Apple saying that there will be a very special iPhone applications that will change business and industries in need of innovation. Here’s how it will affect the new drive some of them.

Health: iPad tablets as medical Clipboard
If we consider iPad-but as a large clipboard, then no need to bother about the possibility of using the device by medical personnel, toured the hospital and reviewing patients, “said Mort Rosenthal, chairman and CEO of Enterprise Mobile, a company integrating the systems. By walking the hospitals to electronic medical records, doctors and nurses will need to reach them quickly and easily. And these tablets will also find its niche in the health sector.

Hospitality: For specialties tonight
Currently, developers from Apple iPad working on applications for chain restaurants. In this scenario iPad tablet replaces paper menu. Apps will show information about them and maybe even a video of how certain dishes are prepared. The annexes are at an early stage of development since the first restaurant they want to ensure that the tablets can be used in this way. However iPad-s worth little more than paper menus.

Media: Savior of the newspapers?
The idea to save newspapers tablets was confirmed when the U.S. daily Wall Street Journal announced that a monthly magazine for the iPad will cost 18 dollars. From the paper say it will be the best implementation of the Wall Street Journal, ever seen. Virtually all major media will have iPad applications. Furthermore, Wall Street Journal, applications developed so far have NPR, New York Times, USA Today, Bloomberg, Associated Press and Reuters.

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