3D Accessories from Vizux

Users of new iPhone and iPod devices must be happy about this new gadget from Vizux – iWear AV230.

The device is actually video glasses which are Apple’s mobile devices compatible. Besides you can plug in this gadget to other audio or video devices as well through NTSC and PAL.

iWear AV230 is with a comfortable and ergonomic shape and it will not make any inconveniences during usage. As a plus these video glasses are able to be set the focus independently and this way you will enjoy a real picture even if you have eye problems. There is no information about what is the quality of the device resolution but this accessory will be useful especially in places where you don’t have where to plug in your notebook or portable DVD player. The announced price is $100 but there is no release date.

vuzix 3d accessory for iphone

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