5 Apps for Pet Owners

1. Pet Notebook
At $2.99, this app comes with support for multiple pets, photo galleries, the ability to enter identification information like birth dates and microchip numbers, medications, custom notes, and even supports rearrangeable lists and reordering of photos.
pet notebook

2. Off Leash
The app currently lists more than 600 parks located across the US, with more coming soon, and users can use the free app to get exact directions to selected parks. Plus, even though the app attempts to list all available dog parks, should you find a park that’s not listed you can submit it using the info button from the main page of the application.
off leash

3. Pet Phone
With Pet Phone owners can manage important information related to each of their pets. The app supports finding vets near you, storing multiple vets for each pet, and creating vet appointments. Owners can even enter detailed information on their animal best friend including medications, dosage information, pet allergens, and notes.
pet phone

4. All Pets Radio Player
When pet trackers and notebooks aren’t meeting your needs for pet information, you can tune into All Pets Radio on your iPhone. The Internet streaming radio station broadcasts news, resources, tips, and interesting tidbits on all types of pets at all hours of the day. It’s a pet-obsessed person’s dream application for all pets all the time.
all pets radio player

5. Relax Alarm Clock Lite
Pet owners who can’t live without their precious companions when they travel can take a pet keepsake with them so they never feel alone.
relax alarm clock

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