5 iPhone Family Travel Apps

1. Pack and Go Deluxe
Before the travel even begins, packing yourself and the other family members requires a great deal of organization.
iphone family travel app

2. Rest Area Finder
With this handy app, your location is constantly updated and rest stop information, i.e. rest rooms, gas, food, pet walking, vending machines, etc., is available so you can determine where to stop based on whether the kid needs to go or the dog does.
iphone family travel app

3. MotionX GPS Drive
MotionX GPS Drive is a ???super app??? that combines the functions of multiple applications into one.
iphone family travel app

4. Family Car Games
This app blows the license plate game out of the water.
iphone family travel app

5. Campwhere
For the more adventurous families who like to rough it, Campwhere is the perfect app for you.
iphone family travel app

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