5 iPhone Prank Apps

1. The Ultimate X-Ray

2. Fake Calls
fake call on iphone

It imitates you receiving a call. You can pick out who is calling, delay when the ???call??? actually occurs. Have President Obama give you a call requesting your help on a CIA mission.

3. Pranktionary
pranktionary for iphone

A $0.99 iPhone app that can randomly suggest pranks for the home, the office, or for that lovely date you??™re going on tomorrow.

4. Mister Prank
soundboard for iphone

Mister Prank is a simple iPhone application that mimics the functionality of online soundboards. It has a series of pre-recorded phrases to use in lie of you talking on the phone.

5. iFart


  1. There are more apps than this out there, if you are looking for the soundboard functionality, I recommend BeefyBoard, simply because you can download more sounds into it as you need them and you can switch out the boards to your hearts content.

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