5 Tips for iPhone 5 Users


iphone5The Apple brand is one of the well-known phone brands in the world. It is acclaimed for being impeccable and classy and one of its best products is the iPhone, which most of the people are preferring than other brands of phones.

But then, if you are still not getting used to the features that iPhone5 have, there is no need to worry because here are tips on how to make the best out of your iPhone 5.

  1. Security

It is a good idea to have a password on your iPhone so that other people will be restricted from touching your phone and intruding into your personal life. All you need to do is to go to Setting, click on General, and then the Passcode Unlock. If you want to set the auto-lock time of your phone just go to Setting again and click General. This will help in saving the battery of the phone thus increasing its security. Just be reminded, whenever you are typing the wrong pin number ten times continuously, it will be a dangerous move but then if your phone is stolen, you don’t need to worry because all your data are all secured and saved.

  1. Siri tips

The Siri is one of the features of iPhone 5. If you want to know more about or play with it, then all you need to do is to press and at the same time the Home button, this will now activate the Siri on your phone. You can make use of your Siri to teach other people like locations and name of a person. You can make some dictations of messages as well as emails through Siri.

The Siri is now also available to the upcoming new models of iPhone which is the iPhone 6, here you can make use of this to post your tweets on Twitter or get Facebook updates. It is now also capable of launching different applications on your phone.

  1. Camera tips

With your iPhone 5, you can directly access the camera through the lock screen by sliding the icon of the camera up. You can just make a simple tap on it if what specific object you are focusing on. You are also capable of zooming in.

. If you want to capture a screen shot all you need to do is to press and the same time hold the button of the Power and then press the button of Home. There is a flash that will be indicating if there is a screenshot taken.

  1. Ringtones and alerts customization

In customizing the ringtones and alerts of your iPhone 5, just go to its Settings then Sounds. You will be able set the sound you like as well as the alert for everything like for new emails and incoming calls. You can also turn your LED flash into an alert for notification that just lit up. Just go to Setting again then General, click on Accessibility then the LED Flash For Alerts then finally press On. This is will lit whenever you have a text or a call.

  1. Old Data copying

If you want to make an upgrade to your older iPhone, you can easily copy all the contacts, data, and applications easily. You can do this by making a back-up on iTunes then copy it all to your newest iPhone 5. Just connect a USB cable, and then open iTunes after this select Back- Up. Connect your phone then right click again the iTunes, select Restore From Back –Up.

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