6 Designer iPhone Cases

1. Gameboy
iphone case gameboy

If you are lucky like those who in the 90’s had the opportunity to play on games console of Nintendo, you should not have trouble putting this cover on your ultra-modern and fashion iphone.

2. Wood inlay
iphone case wood

If you’re one of those people who are really into design and use your phone not only as a “headset”, but also as a fashion accessory, the tree cover is for you.

3. Cover of book
iphone case blue

If you feel hand made things are good in your hands, why not try to do a cover of an old book. Simple, elegant, stylish, fun.

4. Phone with washer
iphone case green

If you like old stuff and still fall into pleasant memories of past good when all the rotating disc, then this case would definitely intrigued.

5. Steampunk
iphone case

Steampunk-but there will always be fans among lovers of different widget, including among designers. Result fans you can see in the picture.

6. Bacon
iphone case bacon

If you hate vegetarians want to tease them at any time, it has nothing better than the case made of bacon.

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