6 Free World Cup iPhone Apps

World Cup Countdown

1. World Cup Countdown
This app counts down the excitement by the days, minutes, hours and seconds until it all begins on June 11th. The app also has an interactive photo slideshow with a series of cool pictures of South Africa. You can click on the photos to learn more about each scene.
World Cup Countdown

2. ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup
With a full schedule, you??™ll never miss your team in action. The app allows you to select your favorite team or teams so you can easily keep track of all the news surrounding them. It also has full biographies and stats for each player for all 32 teams, so you??™ll know exactly who is playing the game.
ESPN 2010 FIFA World Cup

3. World Football Live!
This app gives you the latest news about all things football/soccer from BBC Sports, Yahoo! Euro Sports, and ESPN. News is updated in real-time and you can bookmark your favorite articles or e-mail them to your friends.
World Football Live!

4. AP 2010 World Cup Coverage
The Associated Press has been covering the games since the very beginning and is committed to giving fans full coverage. Once the games start, the app will provide up-to-the-minute news from more than 100 journalists in South Africa who will be covering the action. It has a multi-language platform and users can choose to get their soccer fix in English, Spanish, French or Portuguese.
AP 2010 World Cup Coverage

5. World Cup Factoids and History
With lists of every winner, host nation, defending champion and number of appearances since 1930, you??™ll be able to make some informed predictions as to who will take home this year??™s big title.
World Cup Factoids and History

6. World Cup Trivia Challenge Lite
Once you??™ve brushed up on your facts and history, you??™ll be ready for this game. Set on a soccer field, the lite version of this app has 50 questions that will test your soccer hooligan mettle. It??™s a fast-paced game. With 90 seconds on the timer, you must answer questions like ???How many nations appeared for the first time in 2006????
World Cup Trivia Challenge Lite

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