8 Valentine’s Day iPhone Apps

sweethearts iphone app

1. Sweethearts
Write a special message to your loved one on Valentine’s day.
sweethearts iphone app
Download Sweethearts from iTunes

2. iLoveHim/iLoveHer
iLoveHim/iLoveHer ensures that your valentine is always just a couple of taps away.

Download iLoveHim/iLoveHer from iTunes

3. ValentineMaker
Create adorable Valentine’s day cards with pictures from your iPhone photo library.

Download ValentineMaker from iTunes

4. iWrite: Love Poems
iWrite features eight different Valentine’s-appropriate styles of poetry.
love poems iphone app
Download iWrite: Love Poems from iTunes

5. Valentine – Postage
This app has a lot of high quality e-card designs and lets you easily insert your own pictures into its templates.
valentine postage iphone app
Download Valentine – Postage from iTunes

6. Creative Romantic Ideas
This app is more than a little cheesy, but it has some genuinely good ideas.
romantic ideas iphone app
Download Creative Romantic Ideas from iTunes

7. Be Mine Hearts
Shake your iPhone to get a different heart (and message), add your own note at the bottom, then send it in e-mail.
be mine hearts iphone app
Download Be Mine Hearts from iTunes

8. Send eFlowers
Flowers are a Valentine’s Day classic for a reason, and this app allows you to send virtual flowers to everyone you care about (or even people you don’t) with the touch of a finger.
eflowers iphone app
Download Send eFlowers from iTunes


  1. Cool collection. Love Love Love and Express more. I have had only iHappy Holidays to express my love to my friends and family on special occasion. I would wish to try some from the list after reviewing the app. Thanks for sharing the collection.

  2. Out of the list – the creative ideas one seems the best….

    if you guys get a chance – check out FlowerHer – it’s like picking flowers for dummies

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