How to add another search service in your MacOS

Every time you choose text in any program in your macOS and right-click on it, there will be a “Search with Google” option appearing on the screen. All you need is to select it, and then Safari will come front-most with the results from Google. However, what if you want other Search options?

Some Mac users find this irritation in the stock Apple Mail app that they could switch from Google search to DuckDuckGo search for searching information.

It can be changed from the Safari browser by heading to Safari > Preferences > Search and choose one of the four search engines available listed here, including DuckDuckGo.  Moreover, if you’d like to set up other search options or are able to choose a search engine instead of being stuck with the default one that you picked in Safari, this post will give you the control.

The secret is in Services section, which can be found in the Application Name > Services menu in every app, or appears as contextual options when right-clicking on it, depending on the app and context. You can find these services in the Keyboard system preference pane locating at the Shortcuts tap when clicking on the Services item from the list on the left. You can also scroll through to view the panoply, turn on or off them, and set keyboard shortcuts.

Below Searching option, you can find “Search With Google”. However, it’s not there to add services, which can be directly installed by software programs. You can also use Automator feature to add more services, which is the best way of adding more search options. To do so:

  1. Open Automator on your MacOS
  2. Click on New Document section
  3. Click on Service and then Choose.
  4. Next, find out the Run JavaScriptitem from the Library list (you can also enter it into the search for it) and then drag it into the Automator section.
  5. Paste in exactly function run(input, parameters)

{return “” + encodeURI(input) }

  1. Now, drag in the Display Webpages under that.
  2. Finally, save as “Search with DuckDuckGo”.

You can also create multiples of the service, and then change the JavaScript to take advantage of the query URL for the service you’d like. This could even be set up to search text you choose against your local public library. If there is a search URL pattern, it’s simple.

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You will then find the item from the Services menu below Text since Apple serves the Search option at the top menu to the preferences in Safari. To use it, you need to choose the text, and right-click > choose Services, and finally scroll down to find it. However, you can also set a keyboard shortcut.

All you have to do is picking up something different, which isn’t already in use by the apps you’ll use it with. After that, press Command + Shift + Option +D buttons altogether, and any chosen text will be automatically opened as a search in DuckDuckGo.


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