Additional information on the iPhone 4G

There were details about the much-anticipated mobile phone of Apple – iPhone 4G. As you know, Apple’s been known to always work in secrecy and almost never issued data on their devices before they appeared on the market. With the iPhone 4G, however, things are not quite so. Despite many attempts by the company, two prototypes have already expired and the information of the mobile device becomes more and more.

According to recent speculation on the Internet, the new model iPhone will maintain extremely high resolution video recording and is expected format of the videos to HD resolution of 720p. The source of this information is UBM TechInsights.

It is expected that the screen of the mobile device to stay with 3.5 inches diagonally, but the resolution will be drastically increased to 720×480 pixels (960×640 pixels or).

In addition to iPhone 4G can record HD video, it will also need a more capable processor, such as Apple A4. It is used in multimedia tablet iPad.

We know also that the panel will be partially ceramic and aluminum, and the rear camera will be a 5-megapixel.

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