All children want to get iPad for Christmas

According to a study by Nielsen, 31% U.S. children aged between 6 and 12 years want to buy iPad next six months. Secondly is the computer (29%) and the third place was another product of Apple – iPod Touch (29%).

The poll, which was held in October, includes 17 popular electronic devices, including televisions, gaming consoles, phones and players.

Only 11% of children say they want an electronic reader. Statistics that might not appeal to Amazon.

Children over 13 are more interested in buying a computer (20%) over the next six months. The second, third and fourth place respectively are televisions (19%) smarphones (19%) and iPad (18%). Surprisingly or not, electronic readers (15%) are more desirable than the older children at the expense of gaming consoles.

Although the price of the iPad, the device continues to have strong sales, which (apparently) will increase during the holiday season. Good news for parents is that the device is sold worldwide, not just in the U.S..

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