American College Requires Students to Buy iPhone or iPod Touch

American College got into news after it required all new students of journalism to buy iPhone or iPod touch as a means of supporting the learning process. According to information from a local news site into the Missouri School of Journalism (MSJ) was received a letter in which it has instructions to buy one of Apple products before the beginning of the learning process and those who refuse will not be admitted to college. Moreover – the devices are required to enable students to apply for financial assistance. Currently it is unclear why exactly is required to purchase iPhone or iPod touch, as according to the director of the school it is required to listen to lectures recorded in MP3 format and playback is possible with a much larger number of devices from different manufacturers. The school became known by addicted to Apple since 2005, when started forcing their students to buy PCs with the company’s justification that the total cost of ownership is lower than that of PC.


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