Analyst: Apple earn $208 of each $499 iPad

The new tablet from Apple which base price is $499, actually cost the company about $270 in the form of materials and production costs, Wall Street analyst Brian Marshall, working for BroadPoint AmTech, revealed on 29 January.

According to the accounts of Marshall, the value of a 16GB, WiFi iPad is just $270.5. This figure includes $10 for the production itself but does not include $20 for service charges within the warranty period which if added the cost per base iPad is $290.5 which led to the return of Apple sales to 42.9 percent.

The most expensive component in the list of the analyzer is 9.7-inch LCD touch screen, which is valued at $100. 16GB of memory and its aluminum box cost about $25 while the chip Apple A4 has been identified as 15-dollar cost.

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