Analysts predict that Apple will lose some of their positions in 2012

Investor’s Business Daily publishes interesting analysis of market trends we can expect in 2012 According to the agency all companies in the world experiencing different cycles of development and in the ensuing years forecast that Apple will finally lose some of its charm for consumers. Expectations are that Android will gain more momentum and market positions, which will overshadow the presence of Apple. Among the more predictable trends in the new year is the information that Google+ will hardly be able to regain the lead, which has a Facebook social network. As in previous attempts with Google Wave and Buzz, Google+ never a particularly active users.

Last but not least, the publication of Steve Ballmer expected to leave Microsoft. When Ballmer led the company 11 years ago, Microsoft’s shares cost $44 while the current price is $26. The reasons for this decline are not little, too Investor’s Business Daily – Microsoft missed almost all of the new technology market trends, but few products were sold little or almost no success. Innovation in the kitchen of Microsoft or not happen, or happen very slowly and maybe Ballmer really is time to take responsibility for it. Other estimates say that RIM will follow the fate of Palm, ultrabook computer technology will become the next hit, but Amazon and IBM have the best chances to become the biggest names in technology.

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