Apple again lost a prototype of the next iPhone

The company is looking for a prototype of iPhone 5, left behind by one of the developers working in the corporation, in a bar in San Francisco. As reported by television CNN, the security office of the company is able to track the device. It turned out that recently it was in the house of a young man who lives near the restaurant. The young man hastened to say that he knew nothing about the disappearance of the phone. Experts do not exclude invaluable to Apple fans company phone already be sold via the Internet.

This incident is not the first case of disappearance of a secret prototype of smartphone in Apple. A year ago a similar story happened with the iPhone 4G. Then forgotten in a bar device was found by a local student and then sold for $5,000. Meanwhile, according to some media, the message of “losing” the camera is just publicity stunt, which company is trying to “warm up” the interest of potential buyers on the eve of the launch of the iPhone 5. Apple is expected to formally present the next generation smartphone until the end of 2011.

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