Apple announced iOS 4.1

iOS 4.1

In their typical fashion yesterday, Apple hosted an event which presented the successive developments in its extensive product line – including things about the iPhone. Although most of the show was dedicated to the discovery of new and revised iPod branded products, there were several things that delighted fans of mobile phones. Of course, Steve Jobs was in shape and has taken center stage, began to talk about numbers – of course positive, as usual. But before he dwell in financial affairs, Jobs took time to show pictures concerning some just open the Apple stores around the world. Were mentioned shops in Paris, London and China, Jobs mentioned how much work was necessary to live these places. Store in China was among the places with the most interesting design, partly because of the use of 12-foot glass cylinder, it is kind of landmark.

iOS 4.1

After talking about the shops, Jobs continued with sales figures of their iOS-based devices – a field which constantly demonstrate its progress. Approximately 120 million devices were shipped iOS after the release of the iPhone, a further 230,000 new devices are activated iOS day. Worldwide downloaded more than 6.5 billion applications iOS, which is about 200 downloads per second! In terms of total number of applications App Store leads the online stores for other platforms – there are about 250,000 applications in time and approximately 25,000 of them are iPad.

Once finished with the figures, Jobs moved the focus of attention on the presentation of iOS 4.1 – great new update, wearing new features and improvements. First, the update includes bug corrections related to the proximity sensor, Bluetooth, and iPhone 3G. Strange, but not mentioned the problem with the coverage of the latest iPhone – be it hardware or software.

Second, owners will surely appreciate the improvement in taking pictures with the camera on the iPhone, partly due to the option High Dynamic Range (HDR). Just the mention of HD can please everyone, and Jobs said: “When a picture, the camera actually captures three different pictures, one of the hallowed places, shadows and shades. Then combine them to make a HDR image. “If you look at pictures taken with this new functionality can be clearly seen the significant difference in quality compared to standard photographs, as technology optimizes white balance and creates a more saturated colors. Eventually pictures will be even better than currently.

The next agenda was to review Game Center, which is a center for games, where users can challenge and play against each other online. Like XBOX Live, Game Center for iOS will allow you to send a challenge for a user to view results and see their own results – transforming it into a social environment for multiplayer. So if you have time to kill during their lunch break, you can invite a friend to the other end of the country and do battle with him online. Furthermore, by Capt. Mike Epic games came on stage to announce a new game called “Project Sword”, which demonstrates integration with Game Center. The game boasts stunning graphics with the hardware of the iPhone, and was described as “beautiful RPG adventure full of action.” The game itself is based on the Unreal Technology demonstrated how serious and powerful 3D titles can live with the devices iOS.

Generally this is all new, which is expected to accompany the release of iOS 4.1, and as always, consumers will not take them long to become accustomed to innovation. Jobs announced that the free software update will be available from next week. Moreover Jobs shift the topic of iOS 4.2, as enable us to peep into future updates. And to be exact, version 4.2 of Apple’s platform will focus mainly on the iPad, it will bring extras such as the possibility for wireless printing, and renewed service AirPlay, which basically allows you to streamed audio and video on your device . Fortunately, the update will be released in time for the holidays and Jobs said to expect debut in November – but not all devices will iOS wait.

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