Apple denies iPhone 4 to have a problem with the antenna, but will give away free cases

News is not particularly surprising – as Apple has no problem with the design of the antenna, since all suffer similar symptoms smartphones. Steve Dzhobs demonstrates that even with the BlackBerry Bold 9700, Droid Eris and Samsung Omnia II. According to his words of antenna problems have complained only 0.55% of all users of the iPhone 4, which for three weeks of phone sales are now three million. The exported data showed that compared with 3GS, 4 fail with the iPhone less than 1 in 100 calls. I learned that while the 3GS were returned 6% of purchased equipment, the iPhone 4 this percentage was only 1.7. And although not admitting to any problems, the company promised free covers for all users of the device. Already has bought one from Apple’s official stores will get their money back. However, the proposal is valid for phones purchased before 30 September, which makes us believe that then will come a new version of the phone in which this problem will be absent. Everybody will be able to cover said that the site of Apple by the end of next week.

At the press conference it became clear that at the end of this month will be released white version of the phone, then will begin sales of the smartphone in 17 more countries. Bulgaria is not among them, so wait for official information on the issue continues. Apple promised that the next software update will be given attention to the problems with proximity sensor, which is also the cause of numerous complaints from consumers.

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