Apple explained the purpose of “monitoring” through iPhone

Apple denied the information on the collection of location data from users of smartphones iPhone. On 27 April the company released an official press release explaining the mechanism of operation of locational services in their devices.

“Apple does not monitor the location of your iPhone. Apple has never done this and does not intend to do so,” said a press release.

The company shall prepare a database of information about cells and hotspot for Wi-Fi, say representatives of Apple. This database is needed to enable iPhone devices if necessary, quickly and accurately to calculate its location.

The base is completed by data derived from the tens of millions of devices iPhone and information about cells and hot spots of smartphones is sent anonymously in encrypted form.

The entire database is too large to fit in the memory of the apparatus, so keep the iPhone only for now he needs a fragment thereof. Sync smartphone with a computer through iTunes to download a backup copy of this fragment that is stored in a protected but not encrypted.

Apple, however, acknowledged that the system has flaws. First, collecting data on access points and cells takes place even when the user off support services locational settings of the apparatus. Secondly, in memory of the iPhone data is stored for the last few years to locate sufficient information about the last seven days.

Apple promise to eliminate those mistakes with the next renewal of iOS, which will be released in the next few weeks. The update will be distributed free.

Apple was accused of spying on its users after two programmers from the UK opened in memory of the iPhone and iPad database approximate geographical coordinates of places that the owners of the units are visited in the last few years. Following the publication of this information two users from the U.S. sought compensation in court from Apple, a human rights group approached the company for clarification.

Later it became known that coordinates consumer saves not only the iPhone, but other devices based on Android and iOS, but according to some reports, and Windows Phone.

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