Apple got a key patent for iPhone

Apple received a key patent for iPhone, for which application was filed in December 2007, reports PC Mag.

The document describes a technology for displaying the image on your mobile device parts, for example, when the display shows only part of the selected web page and the user moves a finger image to see hidden parts of it, extending beyond the visible area.

The patent describes a specific method, but this method of displaying information to the displays of small size actually has become the standard for all sensory smartphones without exception. So in fact Apple has patented the basic feature of the touchscreen interface of the iPhone, which in 2007 the company has revolutionized the market of “smart” phones, experts say.

Now the company can confidently sue any manufacturer of smartphones – including HTC, Samsung, Motorola, Research In Motion and Nokia, as they all use the method described in the patent to display information.

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