Apple had no rights over the brand iPad

In addition to praise, the new Apple product iPad was greeted with some sharp reactions from various circles and from competing companies. The Japanese giant Fujitsu came out with a statement that Apple has no right to use the brand iPad.

Fujitsu is determined to assert their ownership over the brand. The company is currently consulting the lawyers for further action.

Since 2003 Fujitsu claiming rights over the brand iPad the U.S. market. The Japanese manufacturer that sold under the trade name terminals. Trade mark application is examined by the patent office of the United States already 6 years.

Apple challenged the right of Fujitsu iPad over last year by submitting several applications at the U.S. Patent Office.

At the same time right over the brand iPad claim two more companies. German concern Siemens is a registered trademark of engines and the company’s Coconut Grove Pads sell for two years now bras iPad.

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