Apple hold 95.5% of the tablet market

With interesting figures provide us analysts on the tablet market – despite its many competitors, Apple still held 95.5 percent of it. Total worldwide for the third quarter of this year sold about 4.4 million such devices, of which 4.19 million are called iPad. The most serious rival iOS, Andorid holds 2.3% market share, and for Linux and everything else remain 2.2 percent.

Will be interesting how this data will change early next year, when the proposals will appear in webOS, MeeGo and BlackBerry OS – is expected to increase their presence drastically sales. Percent of Apple did in 2012 will be reduced to 50-60%, while the second will surely stand the development of Google.

This will be the main battle in the coming years, possibly to 2013-2014 year, thanks to the large number of products using an open OS, Android will surpass all its competitors and will have serious and the tablet PC market as a whole.

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