Apple iPhone 2009 Coming on July 17

Internet has tons of information about the iPhone 2009 and the following material will try to filter out the most important. It is clear that July 17 will be the official presentation of the phone from Apple, but there is new interesting information.

One of the recent rumors on the Internet is that iPhone 2009 will use OLED displays to replace the current. So far we have not seen AMOLED display quality such as the iPhone, but who knows maybe we will be surprised. One is certain, however, AMOLED displays use less power than standard LCD which will definitely affect positively the life of the battery.

Also, the Apple logo on the back will “shine” like on the company’s laptops, this is still one of the allegedly occurring on the Internet lately.

It is likely that the new iPhone 2009 has no metal frame around the display and the camera is 3.2 megapixel with autofocus and video recording function and a function for sending video/images on MMS. The RAM memory will be doubled, and the processor will be about 30 percent more rapid. Initially thought that the phone will have a rubber coated back, but nothing can be said with certainty before the official presentation.

Finally, the new iPhone will be available in two versions – a 16GB built-in memory and 32GB memory. All this sounds very good, we are impatient to see whether it will prove true.

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