Apple is Considering Larger Screens for iPhone

Apple, which launched the next generation of the iPhone later this year, they ordered screens from Asian suppliers, which are larger than those used in the iPhone since its debut in 2007 is expected next month to begin production of displays that will be at least 4 inches diagonally, compared with 3.5 inches for iPhone 4S, the latest phone from Apple.

Until now, Apple has never changed the size of the screen on the iPhone. For the next iPhone Apple works with many manufacturers of displays, including LG Display Co of South Korea, Japan’s Sharp Corp. and Japan Display Inc. (New company created last month by three Japanese companies and government).

Apple also keep an amount for the iPad tablet while other manufacturers have created a range of sizes.Apple was able to effectively distinguish smartphones as a new category with its iPhone, but the market in recent years rapidly developed and expanded and is now saturated with many brands that sell smartphones in different sizes and at different prices. Apple has faced strong competition from Samsung, which offer a much wider range of phones. The two companies together sell more than half the world’s smartphones.

“New iPhone with a bigger screen does not necessarily mean that Apple made changes to their products because their competitors are doing,” says analyst from Mizuho Investors Securities Nobuo Kurahashi to the Wall Street Journal. “The market for smartphones is very rich, but iPhone still still set the agenda, but the industry monitor every move of Apple “, he added. According to him the power of the iPhone lies in the overall vision, including user interface and applications, as the screen size is a defining characteristic. “If ever Apple released the iPhone’s lower price, it would be a clear sign that the changing market environment begins to affect the company,” he added.

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