Apple may have a shortage of iPad 2 components after Japan earthquake

Damage from the disaster that befell Japan may have a negative impact on the production of Apple, and in particular the iPad 2. According to iSuppli forecasts of some key components of the tablet produced in the eastern part, a deficiency may impair the production and supply of the device. iSuppli believes that the iPad 2 battery, which is extremely thin, is produced by the Japanese subsidiary of Apple, using advanced technologies available in the local market. Flash memory chips in tablet made by Toshiba, but in recent days the company temporarily stopped its production capacity for memory. Furthermore, warned that there will be difficulties in distribution. Companies whose factories were intact, in turn, will have difficulties in the supply of raw materials for their products and then by distribution. According to iSuppli other components of the iPad 2, coming from Japan are the compass, DRAM memory and glass.

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  1. Who would ever imagine that the iPad 2 production will be affected by the tsunami? I just hope that Japan and Apple can work things out so people can continue to enjoy their iPad 2. This incident is a blessing in disguise for Motorola Xoom.

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