Apple promises that the international delivery of iPad 2 won’t be delayed

If you have ordered iPad 2 and live in a country other than the U.S., probably wondering whether they will get the device in time, after overseas supplies were exhausted quickly. The English office of Apple, however, said that although the scarcity of tablets on the market in America, the international supply of the iPad 2 won’t be slowed down and customers can expect their tablets on initially promised date – March 25. Meanwhile it became clear that the prices of the iPad 2 in England are lower than those in which it sold first generation iPad.

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  1. Yes…

    Enough for the first 10 people in line…!
    At 6:30 pm, after a launch hour at 5:00 pm, every single iPad 2 in Europe had been sold out !
    In all Apple Stores in Europe (i tried Paris, Barcelona, Milano, Hamburg…) they don’t even know when they will be getting more !

    I’ll skip this one !

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