Apple reduced prices of first-gen iPad

On March 11 in the U.S. will start selling internet tablet iPad second generation. Let us remind you that the tablet was introduced yesterday by Steve Jobs. As expected, the announcement of innovation lead to lowering the price of the original. Reported that the cost of all modifications of the iPad first generation will drop a hundred American dollars. This means that the version with 16 gigabytes of internal memory and built-in 3G module will cost 400 U.S. dollars, a modification of 64 gigabytes and support for 3G networks will cost 729 dollars. During the presentation of the iPad 2 Mr. Jobs announced that last year the company sold about 15 million iPads. Experts believe that this year the amount of tablets sold will be much more. Apple’s forecast that just spring the company will be able to sell 5.5 to 6 million iPad (first and second generation). For the full year provided the amount of tablets sold online to reach 40 million. According to analysis, the total amount of sold tablets (manufactured by different companies) for the current 2011 will be about 57 million.

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