Apple released a new version of iOS to fix problems with location

In response to the pressures posed by the many angry customers, Apple has released update to its mobile operating system iOS. The update gets the system version to 4.3.3 and is available for devices iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad and fourth-generation iPod touch.

Last week the company announced that the preparation of the renovation will take several weeks, but obviously things have accelerated the expansion of the scandal and update was posted as quickly as possible.

In the new version of mobile operating, system logging of user location is not completely excluded, but is considerably truncated. One of the most important changes is to reduce geolocation cache information. This means that information will be kept for a short period of time, but unfortunately Apple has not clarified how many days in particular. During the unfolding scandal of individual consumers had complained that their devices contained logs the location, which are stored for several years.

After installing the update geolocation information will no longer be synchronized and backed up through iTunes. Thus chances data to fall into the wrong hands decrease significantly.

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