Apple releases iPad 3G today

Apple will begin selling later in the day of the iPad, which can connect to the Internet through AT & T data networks. Customers who pre-ordered more expensive models of the tablets will also receive them today. Prices range from 629 to 829 dollars and 3G technology iPad will be sold in retail outlets and most Best Buy stores by 5:00 local time. This debut today’s 3G iPad comes after that on 3 April of equipment that only Wi-Fi. 3G option costs 130 dollars more by the only-Wi-Fi model, additional parts needed for 3G connection is estimated at 24.50 dollars.

Previous month AT & T 3G iPad prepare two customers monthly data plan: $ 15/250MB and $ 30/unlimited, however, unlike conventional plans for iPhone, these can be broken without penalty.

Since Apple announced it has sold more than half a million Wi-Fi iPad tablet in the first week of marketing, but by Chitika Labs, said that tracing the unique iPad IP addresses are currently estimated sales of 1.17 million product. According to web analytics NetApplications iPad is unable to reach 0.04 percent of the global market for online use, which means that every 4 10 000 devices are online iPad.

Rapid sales of tablet surprised Apple and the company announced last month that added more products to fail to meet demand.

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