Apple sues Samsung for the design of their tablets and phones

Good relations between Apple and Samsung are not secret, especially after the Korean company is one of the main suppliers of components for many of the products of Apple. In recent months, however, Samsung has managed to gain enough popularity thanks to products such as smartphone Galaxy S and tablet Galaxy Tab, and earlier this year presented their heirs, who are about to become even more successful. For the great desire of Koreans to get a firm foothold in the market of tablets, which now dominates Apple, eloquently speaks the fact that impressed by the presentation of the iPad 2 later the company made a complete redesign of its tablet, which was presented in February in Barcelona. They managed to make it even thinner than iPad 2, largely preserve the functionality, although at the expense of delayed market launch. As Galaxy S, which resembles the iPhone, and new versions of the Galaxy Tab have a great resemblance to the iPad.

All this seems to have come too much for Apple and the company announced that it began to sue Samsung for infringement of intellectual property rights. Americans believe that some products of the Korean company are too similar to hers, and they copied parts of the interface and even packaging. The action was filed on April 15 and according to it similarities between iPad and Galaxy Tab and between Galaxy S and iPhone are shameless and obvious. The remaining affected products are Nexus S, Epic 4G and Galaxy S 4G. They all use Android, a platform in recent months, Google’s exercise more serious pressure on Apple.

Meanwhile, Samsung responded to the accusations, said it will bring counter action against Apple for infringing patents. Moreover, in its official release imply that Apple’s actions could lead to retaliatory measures regarding the supply of components. Samsung says that Apple is one of the key buyers of semiconductors and display panels, but this case will have no choice but to fight it hard. Apple’s second-largest customer after Sony and Samsung reportedly only last year bought components for 5.7 billion dollars.

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