Apple working on two new processors for iPad – A5X and A6

The official presentation of the iPad 3 expected soon, but until then surely will “listen” to hundreds of speculation, small revelations and “leakage” of the internal data. Some of them sound really true and many times we’ve seen ones that are supported by evidence.

All we’re almost certain that Apple will release new iPad with quad-core processor, but it seems even that is not yet completely certain, since it appears that the California company works on two new processors – dual A5X (upgrade A5) and quad-A6.

Data is based on referrals from beta iOS 5.1. Original iPad A4 chip called S5L8930X, and A5 chip – S5L8940X. New A5X called S5L8945X, which, if the following units before X e only 5 more than the previous model (instead of 10). S5L8950X do in the way of logic must be A6, which means that A5X just upgrade the A5, as most probably a renewal of the graphics chip in it.

It is not excluded dual-core A5X be used for products like AppleTV or budget version of the new iPad 3.

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