Are iPad 2 HD rumors real?

Although much anticipated iPad 2 has not yet entered into sale rumors that Apple will release iPad 3 later this year already overwhelmed the internet. iPad 2 and 3 in one year? Is it possible and how compelling are these rumors?

“This is a serious problem,” said analyst Rob Enderal. “If people believe that information, nobody will buy a second model of the iPad, and shares of Apple will tumble. This hearing may be an attempt to stock speculation and should not be taken at much value. ”

Rumor was launched by John Gruber of Daring Fireball last week when he predicted that Apple will launch a third generation iPad only 6 months after the releases of the iPad 2. This assumption is based on the need for Apple to create a better display (HD), to maintain its leadership of the market gaining momentum tablets.

Chances that improvement to happen with iPad 2 are small because of technological reasons. Apple will have to double the resolution of this display, but does not have the capacity to produce millions of improved displays, at least not until the spring.

Subsequently, Gruber adds his speculation with the following statement:

“These are my assumptions about Apple’s plans for the iPad in 2011:

Soon will come iPad 2 might be announced in March and will come into stores in April. Will be faster with more RAM, with greater memory, lighter and thinner, with a front camera will have an operating system iOS 4.3.

iOS 5 will be announced in March, on sale in June.

iPad 3 will go on sale in September after it was announced at the annual events was for the iPod. Will have iOS 5.1 ”

“I do not think April is an appropriate month for the Annual Release of the iPad. Not that a bad month simply is more logical that to happen in September, “says Gruber,” My hunch suggests that Apple will move the presentation of the iPad in September, along with the presentation of the iPod “.

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