Authors received effective sentences for information leakage about iPad 2

Chinese court jailed three men, who are responsible for part of the leakage of information that preceded the debut of the hit iPad tablet 2. Details of the network device leaked months before its presentation for the first time Apple, forward Wall Strett Journal.

In addition to leaks in the media side, the actions of the convicts and helped Chinese producers who are entrepreneurial information used to prepare various accessories for tablet long before anyone else on the market. Thus, in his debut in China were ready with dozens of types of cheap additives such as screen protectors, leather seat covers and more.

One of those sentenced was the head of the Chinese Association of electronic accessories. He bribed employee of Foxconn, which had access to the secrets of Apple and so learned the exact parameters of the prepared tablet. Ksyao Chengsong, general manager of MacTop Electronics Co., Hu Peng bribed workers with 3000 dollars and the promise of discounts on products MacTop. Another employee even been bribed to shoot the back of the iPad 2 blanks for six months before Steve Jobs officially submit the tablet to the world.

Convictions were read by the People’s Court in Shenzhen, which is one of the main factory of Foxconn. The decision was published in Sina Weibo – microblogging service similar to Twitter.

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