Bill Gates criticizes Apple iPad

The Microsoft founder Bill Gates does not believe the tablet iPad introduced by Apple in late January will become a mass product. According to Gates iPad is interesting to the general public that want to possess the capabilities of a tablet-PC. Bill Gates cited the shortcomings of the new device the lack of recognition out loud, the possibility of introducing a pen, a physical keyboard, ie, it is only a good reader for electronic books. The founder of Microsoft, adding that unlike the iPhone, iPad is a better device than existing solutions.

Nintendo president Satoru Iuata was also critical to iPad and he stated that the new product has no surprises and only represents “a big iPhone”. Sony also intend to enter tablet market with a similar product.

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  1. when has bill gates or microsoft provided any innovation to the computer industry? never! windows has been an inferior OS compared to the mac since the beginning. microsoft has never had the best of class products except for being sued the most by governments. gates is just upset that his people didn’t think of this first. apple has been picked the most innovative company in the world for the last few years for good reason.

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