Browser Layar Augmented Reality Comes for iPhone

Inform you about the recently Layar augmented reality browser for Android. Mentioned that the application is developed for the iPhone, and it is already here in the App Store, designed to 3GS. Surfing with Augmented Reality allows you to use the camera on their phone as on a three-dimensional tableau nasloyava icons to give you the information through third-party developers. For example, a picture of a busy city street in real time can display information about the ice cream shop on the corner, brokerage information for the next building, or time of arrival and departure of buses running through the station on another corner.

At your disposal are various layers Yellow Pages, Wikipedia and Casino in Las Vegas. All walks are free, as is the application itself Layar. But the company said that if the interest to service continues to grow, you can put an extra layer of fees.

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