Cydia 1.1 is now available, includes many improvements

If you are a consumer with jailbroken iPhone and Cydia have not opened last week, you will be glad to know that is possible to update Cydia 1.1. Saurik released the latest version of the alternative to App Store and it brings numerous enhancements that extend the capabilities of the store.

One of the most significant improvements in Cydia 1.1 is the ability to freeze withdrawals, rather than having to restart if the download process has been violated. Moreover, the application complete work better, requires less resources compared to prior releases and has improved search algorithms thanks to the updated search.

After version 1.1 was released, the creator Saurik warned consumers that appears error “Hash Sum Mismatch”, but the servers should now be uploaded version with corrected bugs.

During the first three hours after the application release 130,000 users have downloaded the update and the servers were overwhelmed by heavy traffic. But once the euphoria has already passed, should not have trouble downloading the application. Alternative application store for iOS becoming better.

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