Details about the new iPhone and iPad

Today appeared new information, which affects the future of Apple products, which will use the operating system iOS.

Reportedly, after CDMA iPhone will also appear CDMA iPad, which again will be offered by Verizon. It is anticipated that the new tablet will include a new GSM/CDMA chip and will join the fifth-generation iPhone.

iPad will include a display with greater resolution, miroSD slot card, front and rear cameras. The device, which will appear in April, will not include a USB port, but this is hardly a surprise. It is not clear whether there will be smaller 7-inch iPad tablet.

Both devices – iPad and iPhone – will have changes in design and hardware. They will use the new processor A5, which is based on the ARM Cortex A9. A5 will be multicore, which will be able to play 1080p video. Such technology will be used in the service Apple TV.

According to data found for iBooks 1.1, it appears that the resolution of the iPad will be doubled, up to 2048×1536 pixels (or 260 DPI). More information is expected in the coming weeks.

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