“Disappointing” iPhone 4S sold out within hours

After the premiere of iPhone 4S many analysts were quick to declare it disappointing but it seems consumers don’t think so. After AT&T started taking pre-orders for the smartphone, in half a day their number exceed 200,000 which is exhausted and the first batch but American consumers have yet to order a device must wait several weeks before you receive it. This can make iPhone 4S fastest selling iPhone yet and is definitely a success for Apple, although many expect to see iPhone 5. Besides AT&T and U.S. operators Sprint and Verizon began taking orders for iPhone 4S, but have not yet shared numbers. Some estimates say that for three days Apple sold 1.7 million units of the device.

Apple officially announced that 24 hours in advance orders for the iPhone 4S are more than 1 million. Previous record was the iPhone 4, of which 24 hours were sold 600,000 copies.

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