“Dual core” iPhone 4G c OLED will appear in April

Korean operator KT Telecom announced an exclusive contract with Apple for the realization of next-generation iPhone. In an interview with representatives of the operator became clear that the fourth generation cult smartphone will be equipped with dual-core processor, improved graphics chip, OLED-display, video chat feature and removable battery. KT Telecom is preparing to start implementation of the iPhone 4G in April this year and the models will initially be limited only to corporate clients and high-volume sales of the new model will begin in June.

The processor, which will be used to create iPhone 4G, it can be assumed that it would be ARM Cortex A9 – dual-core chip with a frequency of 2 GHz. In addition, reportedly tested by Apple and RFID-chip, which can take its place in the future iPhone.

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