Easy steps to create and use Smart Folders on Mac

Smart Folder on MacOS devices is a handy feature to automatically put items into a folder according to your request. You will save a lot of time, reduce the risk of missing important items, and especially work more efficiently.

If you’re curious about what are Smart Folders and how to create them, then read on this post. We are going to show you steps to create and use Smart Folders on Mac.

How to create a Smart Folder

To proceed, you should first open Finder on your Mac. Next, click on File > New Smart Folder from the menu.

When you see the New Smart Folder window, simply choose where the items for the folder comes from like This Mac. Once done, just click on the plus sign to add items to the Smart Folder.

Folder by kind

The first set of criteria is for Kind. You can easily select the kind with options for app, document, image, and others in the box next to it.

If you want a special folder for all of your presentations that you created, you can then select Kind is Presentation.

From now, when you create a new presentation, you can access it directly from the new Smart Folder.

Folder by date

If you don’t like Kind, just click on the drop-down box to see additional options. You can create a Smart Folder with dates like Last opened date, or Created date.

It will be convenient to get quick access to your recent items. For this type of folder, we recommend you to choose Last opened date. And if you want items opened on the previous day, select yesterday in the next box.

From now, you’ll see the items opened yesterday in your Smart Folder each day.

Folder by name

Another option you can choose is Name. When an item starts with, ends with, or whatever you choose, it will pop into the folder.

All you need is simply to choose Name in the drop-down box, Contains in the next one, and then enter Work into the box.

Whenever an item includes the word you choose in the name, it will display in your Smart Folder.

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Folder by contents

While the names of items do not usually contain the word or phrase you need for the Smart Folder for, the contents absolutely do. In this case, you should choose Contents instead.

Simply choose Contents from the drop-down menu, enter Taxes in the Contains text box.

From now, when you have an item with that word, you can then access it from the Smart Folder along with the location you saved it.

Combine attributes 

Although one set of criteria for your Smart Folder is usually enough, there may some cases when you need more specific. You can easily add other criteria set for the date part in Smart Folder. To do so:

1) Choose Kind > Presentation.

2) Click on the plus sign to add another attribute.

3) Select Created date within last 1 months.

Save your Smart Folder

After you add the attributes for your Smart Folder, simply click on Save button. It will prompt to name your folder, choose the location, and add it to the Finder Sidebar. When you are done, click on Save.

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