Endless Racing Game For iPhone

Those who love to play racing games will definitely want to download Novocortex’s free iPhone app – Endless Racing Game. It is a acing game, but the name is a bit of a misnomer for those who don’t intend to play the game with other people.

The game has two modes: Single Player and Multiplayer. The game ends in 60 seconds if you’re in Single Player mode but it is endless if you’re in Multiplayer mode (connected to another iPhone by Bluetooth). Driving instructions are simple and mirror driving a real car: tap left for braking, right for accelerating, and steer by using the iPhone’s accelerometer and moving the iPhone around. You can drive on both sides of the road, but watch out for oncoming/ongoing traffic or ducks. Yes, brake for the ducks. In Multiplayer mode, the car will jump from iPhone to iPhone, building an endless track to race upon.

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