Extra energy for iPhone 4 by Mophie

Dreams of the iPhone 4 users for more energy and thus longer use of phone before its battery to drain completely now officially materialized. The company Mophie, dealing with gadgets for mobile devices, many of which are products for iPhone, let juice sleek package that almost did not show when you put on your phone. Extremely pleasant to the touch with a silver strip side accessory is really appealing to most people, owning iPhone 4.

Surely you repeatedly happened with regret to find that you have left only 10 or 20% of the battery of the phone just as you had intended to use it for something important and more prolonged. The new accessory Mophie will be able to increase talk time up to 6 hours, audio playback up to 36 hours and video playback respectively, with up to 9 hours. The battery built into the shell is 1500 mAh, slightly more than used the iPhone 4 1420 mAh.

The design of the Juice Pack Air has been modified several times, according to the manufacturer this is the seventh modification. The look is certainly very elegant, whereas “windows” for allowing use of different iPhone buttons and headphone jack. Indicator of battery charge also has changed its place – the back part is moved to the bottom to be more easily tracking the time remaining on standby.

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  1. Who the hell writes these articles? More importantly, does anyone proof read them before they are put on your site? This sounds like it was written by someone who does not speak english and uses a typing translator to put it into english.

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