How to Find Battery Cycle Count in MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

On MacBook devices, Battery cycle count is a detailed indicator to check the usage of the previous owner. The less is the battery cycle count is, the less the device is used. If you have just bought a second-hand MacBook, then this is the clear sign to prove whether the previous owner has used the device regularly or not.

In this post, we’ll show you the easiest way to find out battery cycle count of the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. However, proceeding with the process, you need to know the meaning of battery cycle count of your MacBook, and how it is calculated.

What is Battery Cycle Count

It’s very easy to understand what is the battery cycle count. Every battery of an electronic device will discharge when you use it without power supply and charge it when connected to the power.

So, all batteries of MacBook’s will also pass through charge cycles and one cycle is considered as completed when the battery reaches 100% and starts discharging. But, it does not mean 100 to 0% just in a single charge.

For example, if you charged your MacBook to fully 100% and then used it for two hours until it discharges until 75%. At this stage, 0.25 battery cycle has been completed since 25% of battery is already discharged.

The next time, you recharge it to 100% and after use a few hours until the battery is down to 25%, it means your MacBook has already completed a battery cycle. This is because 25% of battery has already been discharged on the previous time, and you now continue to discharge 25% of battery, which makes it 100% discharge.

However, it usually takes many days to complete discharging the battery to the completion of a cycle count. So, keeping track of battery cycle count in MacBook is necessary to know when you will have to replace the battery.

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Steps to Check Battery Cycle Count in MacBook Pro and MacBook Air

As all Lithium-ion batteries have a limited charge cycle, you need to periodically check the cycle count to know how many cycles remain before taking your MacBook to Apple Center for the battery replacement. Follow these steps below to check battery cycle count in your MacBook:

  • On your Mac, hold down the Option key and then click on the Apple logo at top left corner of the screen.
  • Click on System Information…

  • Select Power under Hardware section in the System Information menu
  • The Cycle Count of the battery will be listed under the Health Information section of Battery Information

As the screenshot below, you can see the battery cycle count is only 6, which means the MacBook Pro is pretty new. It also indicates its battery has discharged completely just for 6 times which is very good.

There is another way to access “System Information” is to open the Launchpad and then select System Information icon locating at Others folder.

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