First Screens of the New iPhone OS 4.0

Screenshots appeared in the Internet and specifications of the expected operating system iPhone OS 4.0. It will be used on iPhone 3G and 3GS except the first generation iPhone, reports website Boy Genius Report.

The new OS will support multi-tasking and its interface will be significantly changed from previous editions. Apple is expected to introduce the system on January 27, simultaneously with a tablet PC.

Earlier this month Cupertino announced that planned a special event in late January. It is assumed that personally CEO-Steve Jobs will show the “new product” from Apple. The demonstration will take place in San Francisco.

Meanwhile, spread the news that a tablet from Apple will see it was not until June, but not the end of January. The newspaper even hot right price points, but still shrouded in mist product and it is 999 dollars.

Apple’s “new work” really will be a device that combines the capabilities of the iMac and iPod Touch and more like the player than a computer. Building on processor ARM, will serve as a widget games, surfing the Web, watching videos and reading electronic books.


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