Foxconn will exclusively produce next iPad

The new version of Apple’s tablet iPad, which should be released soon, will only be produced in factories of the Chinese technology giant Foxconn. Some time ago there were rumors that it is possible part of the proceedings to be taken over by Pegatron or Quanta Computer, but now it is clear that Foxconn will be responsible for all production of tablets.

The main reason that Foxconn may not receive all orders for the iPad was suspected that the technology giant does not have the capacity to produce the required amounts of time. This week it became clear that Foxconn have provided the required number of employees and production facilities that will allow the Chinese to satisfy all requests of Apple on time.

Heads of Foxconn felt that part of their orders can escape, as unofficial sources have learned that Apple is negotiating with other manufacturers about the new iPad. Chinese company bosses have hastened to assure the company of Steve Jobs, there’s no need to turn to other manufacturers and have achieved success in the negotiations.

In September is expected to be released new version of the tablet iPad, which will be of higher quality screen. Allegedly, the name of the new tablet will be iPad HD, iPad Pro or iPad 2 Plus.

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