FSP iON – Universal Portable External Battery for iPhone

Recently it is quite modern and convenient course to have one additional power battery, possibly universal, which is sufficiently compact (to be collected in pockets) and be able to save in an emergency situation. Sure it comes to what to turn it to your iPhone, iPod touch or any other mobile device with a battery tends too much to totally debilitating, but at this moment concerned your widget is indispensable. Such an interesting solution, which I found quite recently FSP iON – portable universal external battery that is compatible with iPhone and iPod for Apple (not only of course). FSP or better known among us as Fortron is one of the largest manufacturers of quality power supply units for a variety of devices, not just for computer power supplies, which the company was popular in our market. But apparently the company decided to expand its product range into other areas, such as FSP iON is definitely a step in the right direction, at least with regard to users of the iPhone, since the device was really good and mostly very useful …

fsp ion box

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