Funny: iPhone with broken screen!

Funny: iPhone with broken screen!
Yup, many posts with photos like this one will be written after July 😉
Just like Nintendo’s Wii 😉

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  1. has iPhone LCD’s. They fixed my broken iPhone within 24hrs! I dropped my phone right out of the box, stuid mistake!

  2. Received iPhone for B-day/Christmas, extremely careful w/ new iPhone. It was in Swiss Gear Leather case, corners were exposed. Had phone less than week, noticed as I came out of Walmart that the screen was cracked. It was attached to my purse! Mac refuses to replace it. Repairs $250! Put a thin piece of glass on a phone? Stand behind the product. My phone has two tiny pin head dings on one corner, probably from glancing against a shopping buggy, I will show everyone this cracked phone.

  3. I opened this website for myself long time ago. Today it has become even better. I like the links and info that is given here, I just dislike some people. They make a lot of mistakes when posting or commenting. They are usually rude and have a bunch of problems I think. They spoil this website. I would want them to leave this place alone and go somewhere else to have their kind of fun.

  4. I never saw anything like this—> so if ur wondering ipod touches dont normally do this. But they do get scratches if u drop them on concrete or wooden floors face down. just a forwarn haha 🙂 friend did it to mine now it has to 2 scratches but it doesnt matter..

  5. I am a fix it myself kind of person and thought that iPhone repair cannot be that hard… Not 2 minutes into the repair I accidentally broken my LCD trying to remove it from the frame. I just stopped before I could break something else and called and they resolved the issue right away and even fixed my mistake for way less than Apple wanted.

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